Eric Ros

I'm a Front-end developer from Barcelona. I love creating reusable and composable interfaces with ReactJS. As a life-long learner, I'm always looking for new challenges. I dedicated the last ten years to the sports space. It was an amazing time! Do you have a new challenge for me? Send me an email to ericrosbh@gmail.com.


Visit my CV (web version)

You can download a PDF version here

My side projects


It started as a weekend project. It's a web-based game where the player has to guess the country while the map zooms out.


A visualization tool that gets NEOs data (Near Earth Objects) from NASA API and renders a chart. It can help analyze the enormous data available.


One of my open-source projects. It gives some interesting features out-of-the-box like drag and drop or resizable panels.


A simple cryptocurrencies app. It uses a microservice to grab data from Twitter based on your favorite coins. Not maintained for a while.


Create React components without leaving the browser and play with props and state with its auto-generated forms. This was designed to be something similar to Storybook.